About Us

Welcome to Sass + Swag, a fur mum and fur baby duo from South East Queensland.
S+S first began when a beautiful bundle of fluff named Oreo joined his forever family. After a few months with his new family, his fur mum Lauren decided to make him some cute accessories to show off his personality and Sass & Swag was born. 
After some encouragement from family and friends, Lauren decided to make a career change and follow her passion for animals - by becoming a Dog Trainer in 2018 (certified in 2020) and officially launching Sass & Swag in 2020 (we technically started in 2017 making accessories for friends and family's pets). This crazy dog lady is all about helping your fur baby express their personality and become their happiest, healthiest self.

Sass + Swag is designed for every pet personality - including those that put the ass in Sass or the wag in Swag.