Size Guide

All Sass + Swag accessories are handmade and unique - this means that size, colour and shape may vary ever so slightly. We do our best, however, to keep it as consistent and close to our measurements as possible.

As no two cuts of fabric are the same please keep in mind pattern placement will also vary slightly.

Sizes below are what our accessories are made to, please measure your dog to see what size they will suit the best. 
Please ensure you measure your dog when ordering as we do not accept returns on incorrect size orders, due to custom making.

Sizes listed below are for the actual bandana. When measuring your dog’s please ensure the bandana width size is approximately 5cm shorter than your dog's neck measurement, in order to prevent it from bunching on your dog’s collar.

Our bandanas are best suited to plastic collar hardware - metal can be much thicker and, in some cases, may not fit through the bandana opening.

When measuring the thickness of your collar, please ensure you are measuring the widest part of the hardware - not the webbing or fabric.

If in doubt - add one of our skinny accessory collars to your order to ensure your fit.

XS:  5.5" wide x 4" long (14cm x 10cm)
(suitable for 5/8" or 15mm collar hardware and under)

S:  7" wide x 5" long (18cm x 12.5cm)
(suitable for 3/4" or 20mm collar hardware and under)

M:  9" wide x 6.5" long (23cm x 16.5cm)
(suitable for 1" or 25mm collar hardware and under)

L:  11" wide x 8" long (28cm x 20cm)
(suitable for 1.5" or 38mm collar hardware and under)
XL:  13.5" wide x 9.5" long (34cm x 24cm)
(suitable for 2" or 50mm collar hardware and under)

Bandanas may vary slightly in size by roughly 1-2cm. These bandanas are made to tie up at the neck, so please allow extra space for this. Our tie up bandanas length can be adjusted simply by rolling it down prior to wearing.
S: Fits up to 24cm
M:  Fits up to 40cm

L:  Fits up to 60cm



 Add a skinny accessory collar to your order if you are worried that your dog's usual collar's hardware wont fit in our smaller bandanas.

Allow for a two-finger fit between your dog's neck and the collar.

Width: 12mm

 XS: 18cm – 25cm (7" – 10")

S: 23cm – 33cm (9" – 13")


Allow for a two-finger fit between your dog's neck and their collar.  If you are concerned about your dog being between sizes contact us and we can customize your chosen collar's length.

XS: 19cm – 26cm (7.5" – 10.5")

S: 24cm – 35cm (9.5" – 14")

M: 31 cm – 50 cm (12.5" – 20")

L: 40 cm – 67 cm (16" – 26.5")

XL: 48 cm – 81cm (19" - 32")


XS: 2.75" x 2.25" (7cm x 5.5cm)

S: 3.75" x 3" (9cm x 7.5cm)

M: 4.5" X 3.75" (11.5cm x 9.5cm)

L: 5.5" x 4.5" (14cm x 11.5cm)



XS: 3" x 3.75" (7.5cm x 9.5cm)

S: 4" x 5" (9.5cm x 11.5cm)

M: 5.5" x 6.25" (14cm x 15.5cm)

Large Sailor Bows Available On Request



XS: 2.25" (6cm) diameter

S: 2.75" (7cm) diameter

M: 3.25" (8.5cm) diameter

 Large Flowers Available On Request



S: 2.25" wide + 4.5" – 6" long

M: 2.75" wide + 7.5" – 9.5" long

L: 3.5" wide + 9.5" – 12.5" long