Models & Brand Reps

What are we looking for?
  • Pets of all breeds, shapes, sizes and genders (and species that are able to wear pet fish may be a little tricky!)
  • Pets or owners with an active social media account who enjoy posting, engaging with other paw pals, and really love and stand by our products
  • Existing Sass + Swag customer who already knows and loves the brand
  • Australian based pets and families (at the moment)


  • Share product launches, promotions and giveaways
  • Post photos and/or Instagram stories/reels featuring Sass & Swag at least twice a fortnight
  • Send us unedited photos wearing or using Sass & Swag products in a creative and visually appealing way

  • Welcome pack which includes some free goodies of your choice
  • Early access to future launches and collections
  • 10% affiliate discount code for your followers
  • 25% discount code for personal use only
  • Become a valued member of the Sass & Swag family and be featured on our website and social media
If you feel you meet the above criteria, contact us here.